Beatriz Recinos



Hello! I am an oceanographer-glaciologist now based (way up north in Scotland!) at the School of GeoSciences and The University of Edinburgh.

My PhD background is in large scale glacier modelling focused on ocean-glacier interaction. I worked developing the calving parametrisation for the Open Global Glacier Model written in Python.

Now as a member of the Cryosphere group, I will be working on a project called QUoRUM and focusing my research on ice sheet modelling, carrying out ice sheet model inversion and uncertainty quantification in some parts of the Antarctic Ice Sheet. I will be testing and developing FEniCS-ice: A new ice sheet model also written in python, that uses machine learning and a bayesian approach, to understand how uncertainties in basal drag and the temperature dependent creep parameter affect the model forecast of ice mass loss.

I am also an alumni of ArcTrain, and before I was part of the master program MER: Erasmus Mundus MSci. Marine Environment and Resources.

But originally I am from El Salvador, Central America. The land of the sun!

So... how did I end up in the UK and studying the cryosphere!? well... with lots of motivation and for more info. you can look at my CV

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Beatriz Recinos




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